Shan Shan

Assistant Professor
Department of Math and Statistics
Mount Holyoke College

email: sshan at mtholyoke dot edu
github: sshanshans
twitter: sshanshans

About me


I grew up in Tsingtao, a coastal city in China. My name in Chinese characters is 单珊. I went to Agnes Scott College, where I became a mathematician, art lover, and feminist. During college, I spent a year in Hungary for the Budapest Semester in Mathematics. In 2014, I graduated summa cum laude from Agnes Scott with a BA in mathematics.

me and my advisor

After college, I became a graduate student in mathematics at Duke University, where I worked on some geometry processing and statistical shape analysis. In 2019, I received my PhD, with a thesis advised by Ingrid Daubechies on probabilistic models on fiber bundles. In 2019-2020, I was a post-doc researcher at Duke. In 2020, I am an assistant professor of statistics at Mount Holyoke College.

me in garden Besides doing math, I like to read and practice caligraphy. I am a big fan of Haruki Murakami. I also do gym three times a week with Ingrid (my PhD advisor) – we started working out together in a local gym in Durham, NC during my second year in graduate school, and now we continue on zoom. I am also a bad pianist and a newbie violin player.